Bellybaloo came to exUrban, inc. with a business model built on core technology expertise and a strong relationship with medical practices. What they needed was a brand.

Establishing the insight: “This is where it all begins! I want to share it!”

In a pregnant woman’s world – almost all of her communication and sharing happens digitally, yet still she was carrying this ultrasound image around on a very flimsy, precarious piece of paper – limiting her ability to share one of the most exciting – first ever images of her growing baby!

Further – in the professional context, competition is thriving among medical practices and patients are demanding more and more ‘differentiated’ service – particularly during their pregnancy. Bellybaloo provides practices an opportunity to stand out from their competitors by offering an emotional benefit – helping their patients share the joy of their baby’s image with family and friends. 

Establishing the brand equities: Simple. Social. Secure.

The goal was to make the Bellybaloo brand clearly communicate the joys of sharing on of life’s most exciting moments, but also to communicate a professional, accessible brand image, given the importance of the security of the images being shared. 

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