athenahealth contacted exUrban at a time when their brand was growing at great speed. They had been a sales driven organization for many years and wanted to build a brand positioning and brand architecture that would serve as the foundation for marketing and messaging.

Establishing the insight: “Medical practices are about patient care. Most technology takes away from that care.”

From the moment medical practices open their doors in the morning, they are focused on patient care. Too often, software systems get in the way of them doing this important work, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction. 

Establishing the brand equities: Clarity. Advocacy. Trust.

athenahealth needed to prove with its brand identity that it was committed to advocating for the physicians, for the patients, and for the delivery of care. It also needed to differentiate from the competitive glut of technologies that created barriers for the staff and clinicians. We established that athena’s core point of differentiation was its ability to deliver clarity of business information that helped administrators and clinicians keep their focus on patient care. 

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