Nancy Snow Villa

Founder, Brand Planner

At the ballet

I am an experienced brand consultant and account planner whose work spans nearly 15 years with global agencies such as Ogilvy, Lowe and Digitas, Inc. I have brought a blend of creative and critical thinking to brands such as Kraft Foods, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, Milk and many others.

exurban has helped me find a brilliant balance between blue sky thinking and real world business challenges. I’m as likely today to sit down with a small business owner to talk about her customer’s purchase process as I am to create a brand identity for a high tech media darling. Plugging brand planning into the context of a non-profit with virtually no communication plan requires that I stretch my role, pull new weight and address the issue at hand with every resource I can think of. In today’s economy, this is a reassuring example of how much we as individuals can accomplish when we form a team and put our minds to it.

Areas of Expertise

Brand development and positioning, customer insight and creative development, customer research, management interviews, brainstorming and creative problem solving, new product development.

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