CORE Security Technology

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The Project

In the Spring of 2012 we began working with CORE Security Technology on a consultative basis as they began to overhaul both their customer portal and their corporate web site. The goal was to update and modernize the site’s look and feel, migrate it to a completely new platform — Drupal — and enable easier updates and maintenance.

The Challenge

The sites we were replacing were quite outdated. They were hosted on an essentially home grown CMS that could only be updated by the CORE team in Buenos Aires, Argentina which lead to long lead times for content updates and created maintenance head aches. To make matters worse, there were only two templates on the whole site — the homepage and everything else. This limited palette provided little flexibility for the content creators to present their content in an intuitive way, which lead to jury-rigged, overly long pages.

The Solution

Working with UX/Design mavens of Mad*Pow, Drupal masters EasyTech out of Buenos Aires and the great team at CORE we dove deep into the stakeholders’ wish-lists of business and functional requirements to completely overhaul the UX of the customer portal, making it more robust, user friendly and personalized. We played a consultative role for our main point of contact within CORE, advising him about best practices, and helping him to think through UX decisions and became a trusted resource for our client in their overhaul efforts. A key part of our solution, and the thing that became the linchpin of the project was the the rough Drupal prototype that we set up, played with and used as a proof of concept and a test-bed of various Drupal modules. This prototype proved that we could use Drupal as the CMS and fulfill all of the key requirements for the project.

Lesson Learned

Quantum leaps are possible — we started with a clunky, “late-20th century site,” and ended with a smooth sophisticated, and eminently usable, for both external and internal users, portal and website. One more lesson: Drupal is very impressive, and very powerful, and in the right cases is an amazing tool.