Learning Creative Learning

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Friday morning my friend recommended that I sign up for a MOOC — Massive Online Open Classroom — being taught by MIT Media Lab and P2PU. The title of the class is Learning Creative Learning. It starts Monday morning (2/11) at 10 AM, and it is free, open and online. Based on what I’ve read about this class, much of the work and collaboration will take place on Google+ and it will be highly experimental and “seat of the pants.” I’m going to use the exUrban, Inc. blog to “declare” and share what I’m doing, thinking and reading. All posts related to the class will be held in the Category Learning Creative Learning. I’m looking forward to this and hope to have some good info to share. I’m excted to see how G+ performs as the platform of interaction, but I’m even more excited because this is my first MOOC, and I think, more and that this is the future of education.

Hat tip to Dave Ferguson for sharing this video on G+


  1. Hi Ted,
    sharing your experiences is a great way to deepen your own experiences. I’m interested in what and how you will share the LCL lessons here.
    See you in the course,

  2. Thanks for your reply, Max. I’m curious to see how this plays out as well. Like the folks running the course, I’m making this up as I go along — which I find is often a good/fun/interesting way to go with this sort of thing. Looking forward to working with you and our group.