Looking Back, Looking Forward

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calendarAt the beginning of 2012 we wrote about some goals for the coming year. We achieved three of our four goals, by selling more up front research, more content and laying the ground work for some marketing engagements in 2013. Overall it was a good year with the launch of a new site for a construction client, the re-architecting and re-writing of a site for a financial services client and some nice recognition on one of our largest and longest running clients.

Looking Back: 2012

We gained new clients in 2012 in the following sectors:

  • Construction
  • Software/security sector
  • Education consulting (a Q4 new businesses win which, in and of itself, is nice)
  • Financial services

We have also booked work in 2013 with current clients and look forward to working with them in the new year. The business climate in 2012 was somewhat challenging due to political uncertainty and substantive policy differences between the two sides in Washington DC. I’m not going to dwell too deeply on politics except to say that as a small business owner it has been eye-opening to see how governmental policies affect our clients’ businesses, and, in turn, our business. Overall revenue was stable from the year prior; and, while some clients reduced spends, others stepped in, and filled in the gaps.

Looking forward: 2013

Our 2012 goals still stand. We want to engage our clients in more

  • Strategic research
  • Content creation
  • Development of imagery and marketing

To this list of growth opportunities we want to bring a more mobile first approach to our site engagements. We’ve spent the second half of this year working on a monster, mobile adaptation of a huge customer portal. We have another large project underway that was designed with mobile in mind and it should be mobile ready when we launch early in the new year. We also delivered a pair of smaller, mobile-responsive sites as well as adapted this site to be more mobile friendly — go ahead, shrink the width of your browser window or load us up on a mobile device. I know, our site adaptation was not mobile first, but we are ready. Given the proliferation of mobile devices in the market-place, and the increased volume of web surfing on mobile-devices we want to help our clients navigate this change, and be mobile-web-ready.

We are in this for the long haul, and are taking the long-term view of the growth of our business. The work we did in 2012 has set us up nicely for 2013. We look forward to the new opportunities in the new year to grow our business, and our clients’ businesses.