Some Thoughts on Advertising

Posted by on Feb 13, 2012 in Marketing | Comments Off on Some Thoughts on Advertising

restored, painted wall sign for Pioneer Coal Co.With one week of distance between myself and Superbowl XLVI (or, THE BIG GAME as it was called by advertisers who didn’t license the name), a painful loss by the Pats, and the quieting of the advertising hub-bub I want to take a moment to consider advertising, and its importance.

At US$3.5 million for 30 seconds there are very few brands who can afford to advertise during the Super Bowl. With a 111 million-viewer-audience, and all of the pre- and post-game buzz surrounding advertisers it’s actually a pretty reasonable, and undoubtedly efficacious spend. I heard a stat prior to XLVI that both VW (the Darth Vader spot in 2011) and Chrysler (the 300 spot with v/o buy Eminem) saw a +80% increase in foot traffic into their dealerships post-THE BIG GAME. On Friday, 2/3, Talent Zoo published a piece about the VW-Vader spot and mentioned that VW got 160 million views (in-game and post-game on YouTube), and brought the price per pair of eyeballs down to about $.015/viewer — that’s 1.5 cents per viewer.

How does this relate to clients of smaller stature and marketing budgets?

It makes me jump up and down and say “Get in the game!” Of course I’m not saying that small and midsize business clients should advertise during the THE BIG GAME, or take out two page spreads in the New York Times. Like real estate, advertising is all about location, location, location. I hear, frequently, that advertising doesn’t work. Often, client are not advertising in the right place. With some careful selection of channels and placement I trebled sales for one client and doubled inquiries for another — far exceeding their pre-campaign goals. In both cases we put a modest spend against an AdWords campaign and in the case of the increased-sales-client, a robust landing page.

These solutions may work for you, there may be others better suited to your business goals and audience. Work with your agency partner to define your marketing goals and set a budget. Be creative, be thoughtful and figure out where your customer base is and bring your message to them. There are many ways to approach advertising and when coupled with active engagement in social media channels you will see a the benefit of a more robust, strategic marketing endeavor.