Twitterfeed: An Old New Tool

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Social Media | Comments Off on Twitterfeed: An Old New Tool

A couple of weeks ago I started using Twitterfeed. Why it took me this long to start using this I don’t know. It did; but, I’m glad that I’m using it and want to share some preliminary thoughts and observations about this tool. In a nutshell, Twitterfeed is a service that allows you take any RSS feed and share it on various social media outlets in a drop dead, simple fashion.

Twitterfeed has capabilities that afford you control over how your posts appear — you can add contextual info to the beginning and end of posts. You can also control the services on which they appear — such as Twitter, FaceBook and LinkedIn, as well as their frequency — hourly, daily, weekly. Twitterfeed also has metrics to show you clicks and where they come from, and you can get further data by connecting Twitterfeed to a link shortener — I use You can also set up multiple feeds in Twitterfeed, each customizable as you see fit.

Twitterfeed dashboard

As my dashboard shows I’ve got a couple of feeds going right now and am feeding content from this blog to two outlets, and my Delicious feed to three. Each is connected to, and each has a custom refresh-frequency. The Delicious feed refreshes every hour, and the blog refreshes once a day.  Though I only post to this blog about once a week Twitterfeed only pushes the most recent posts —  so there are no old and/or repetitive posts in the stream.* Twitterfeed automates the posting of certain types of content, and permits me to share it across my social media accounts, more quickly and easily than before. This increased interconnection and time-savings are a boon.

* If you you have specific questions and want to learn more about Twitterfeed, I advise you to check out their very comprehensive help page.