On Pricing and Talent

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ridiculous claims for web resource wages$2.50/hr… really?

Last week I was speaking with my colleague, Jen Rotman, a very talented writer, and she told me about an email she’d received in which a coach was claiming that his system would allow users to hire web professionals for $2.50/hour. Jen wrote a great post on this subject and I’m piggybacking on hers but approaching it from a slightly different perspective from Jen who is a first rate service provider — that of a person who hires and works with talented professionals to deliver high quality products for our clients.

When you put things like “hire reliable & talented online web workers for two-fifty-an-hour” you undercut the market, and create unrealistic expectations in potential clients and current clients. I fully support competitive pricing, and if you can find someone with the same experience and same network of partners to do your work, then by all means go with them. We hire neither two-fifty-an-hour talent nor $20/hr talent, for that matter.  If we don’t value our own work and price it accordingly no one will value our work. As I’ve said elsewhere on this blog we are marketing people, ad-guys, web workers etc., we are not curing cancer, but what we do has an intrinsic value for our clients and our selves.

The value we bring derives from years of experience, working for a variety of clients in a variety of industries solving a variety of business problems. What we do goes beyond merely building a site or creating collateral. We build solutions to business problems. That’s what all marketing service providers do. If the $2.50 or $20 per hour resource does too, then by all means hire them. Just make sure to suss out their motivation, and find out how they have helped their clients to solve their business problems.