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King Ludd, leading the revolt


We’re back from our vacation (we’ve got another planned for the first week of August, too). It was a great week away. We avoided email, cell phones, and general, 24-7-connectedness in all of its forms. Nancy might have sent a few emails, but I’m not sure. I didn’t send or read a single email, nor a Tweet; nor did I check Facebook nor my voicemail even once. In fact, my phone was stowed in a bag that remained in the back of our vehicle for the entire week and I didn’t even charge it until I returned to work this morning. That also means no Posterous, no UberTwitter, no FourSquare.

I watched exactly two halves of World Cup football, an out or two of Red Sox baseball, and two minutes of a weather report prior to a party that we hosted. On Saturday. Instead, I got my news through the paper, read some books, played with my kids, hung out with my wife, our family and friends and was present in a non-technologically-mitigated fashion. It was awesome. It was liberating. It felt subversive. Somewhere, someone is tut-tutting me, shaking their head in disbelief and pity, thinking to themselves that I’ve committed some sort of career/small business/personal-brand suicide. So be it. The world did not collapse. We’re still here, and back at it. Projects are continuing, starting up, and, finishing. Work continues. We are plugged in, yet again. We wait with bated breath for the next time we get to disconnect.

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  1. way to go. that’s the way you work it. i bet you’re that much more refreshed. being present in whatever you do is so hard in today’s world, but so important. you’re healthier for it. glad you all had a great time.