Collage & Planning

Posted by on Jun 21, 2010 in Brand Planning | Comments Off on Collage & Planning

Lulu DekwiatkowskiWhen I sit down to work each day, I am often drawn, inexplicably, to a small range of design blogs. They are my eye candy, my inspiration, and a major source of procrastination – or so I thought…until the other day when I spotted this image of lulu DK ( hard at work on her new designs.

I have often commented to friends that I love nothing more than a fresh box of crayons or a new palette of paints, and glibly ascribed my interest in design blogs to this same craving for color and creative possibility. But seeing lulu in action reminded me of my favorite days as a brand planner. The days when I grab giant pieces of paper and chunky markers and “block out” a brand’s themes, core values, or key customer insights.

In my work as a brand consultant, I have done a fair amount of soul searching to uncover my own core competency and strength. What I have found is that my clients need and truly benefit from my roll-up-your-sleeves creative approach to crafting messages. We work together to highlight what is most relevant about their brand, we cut and paste the key customer insights together into a story that is easy for their teams to embrace and use to make stronger connections between what people want and what they offer. From brand values, to positioning, to message strategy, we create a consistent and compelling plan to bring their brand to life.

I may be working with words, ideas, customer quotes, and consumer trends instead of fabric and color swatches, but the process is quite similar. We build a brand palette or story for a given season in quite the same way my design idols build a visual story for a room or newly renovated apartment.

All of this makes me smile and want to get right back to work!