Ad Land Omphaloskepsis

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A friend of mine posted a link on her Face Book page to an AdAge article that contains the new full length Nike/World Cup spot . I checked it out. How can one not check out the ad that Nike is calling its greatest ad ever?

If you took the three minutes or so to play it I think that you’d agree that it’s fun and that it makes some interesting commentary on the media-verse in which we live. It’s high energy and filled with stars, many of them even I, the most casual of football/soccer fans, know. The comments at AdAge though are what make me chuckle the most. Some are fawning, some are predictably xenophobic and soccer-hating (what a post, I get to work two ancient-Greek-rooted words into it!), and some highlight the absolute brilliance of ad-world navel gazing.

It’s unfortunate how many need to take the contrarian point of view to show how smart they are via their skepticism. The stone-tossers question the lack of branding, the wisdom behind not having certain players (who are their sponsors? If it’s not Nike, they won’t be in the ad), the relevance of the World Cup to the American market and blah blah blah. (Though I must admit that the guy who commented that Ronaldinho won’t even be playing for Brazil this year makes a good point, Nike and W&K should have caught that and found another Brazilian player instead).

Just enjoy the ad. It’s a nifty work of video art that pays homage to a much-loved sport and some of the stars who play it (who happen to be under contract to Nike), and shows the interconnectedness of media, sports and communication. It won’t cure cancer; it won’t end malaria in Africa; it won’t bring harmony to the Korean Peninsula. Stop showing off, stop jockeying for your next gig in your next agency because if I’m not mistaken you’re probably not at Wieden & Kennedy, Amsterdam working on that strategy, that media buy, or that spot. Most of us are not, and that’s OK.

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  1. Yeehah, I agree 100%. Just enjoy it for what it is.