My Dessicated Blog

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(Photo of: Wolfgang Apel Date of featured:fotografiert am 01.08.2004 Deutch Wikipedia: {{GFDL}} Category:Plantae  Category:Plantae_by_family  Category:Orchidaceae  [[C)I can now speak from experience about how much work goes into a blog when I speak with my clients and recommend that they have one. This is my first post in 2+ months. We’ve been very busy over here (which is a good thing) and while that’s great for the portfolio and the pocketbook, it’s been deadly to our blog. A blog is a living breathing thing, or at the very least a finicky house plant in need of attention, time and care. From first-hand experience I can now say that blog writing time must be scheduled, it must be a requirement for someone rather than a nice-to-do, and if need be, you need to staff a team to rotate through — whether it be once a week, semi-monthly or monthly.

I’m committing to writing at least two posts each month for the rest of the spring and summer. Notice the heinous gap in my blog, and learn from my mistakes.