The Coaching Conundrum

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Striding the sidelines

Striding the sidelines

Last week, while watching the BCS game between The University of Alabama and the University of Texas I was slightly stunned at the way that the eventual winner, Alabama, came out in the second half. After dismantling the Longhorns in the first half, the Crimson Tide essentially came out and played so conservatively that they nearly ended up costing themselves the championship. I’m not sure why teams do this — it is an affliction I notice at the professional level as well and it’s frustrating, and kind of boring.

So, what it is my point?

I suppose I don’t really have one.

Then what’s the relationship to marketing and advertising?

Games, like jobs have a beginning, middle and end. One needs to start strong and one needs to finish strong. The second half of an important game, and the second half of an important job are no time to go conservative. I say keep the pedal down as long and as hard as you can until you finish the job. You got to where you are by behaving (playing) a certain way. Don’t change it, don’t fritter away the opportunity out of fear of losing because you just may.