Video: Inserting & Editing Images in WordPress

Posted by on Oct 16, 2009 in WordPress Videos | Comments Off on Video: Inserting & Editing Images in WordPress

Often, the first thing people ask about when they take control of their new WordPress site is “how do I add an image?” In this primer video I show to insert and edit images in WordPress posts (it’s the same for pages).

I demonstrate how to upload an image from my desktop, float it left, resize it via the edit image button, and then resize it via the WYSIWYG editor, center it and then move it back to the left. I also briefly explain “title” and “caption.”

This video is intended for the WordPress novice.

View the video in a nifty popup (use the expand button to see it larger).

Please, as always, send me your comments, so that I can make future videos, better.

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